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Powerbaby construction machinery (Tianjin) Co. , Ltd. is a professional mobile lighting machinery manufacturer in the Dongli Development Area of Tianjin. Powerbaby attaches great importance to technological innovation, constantly pursues excellent quality and devotes itself to technology
New and product quality of the perfect combination, to provide the ideal solution for users.
Powerbaby has actively built its own brand in the international market, let brilliant Chinese culture go to the world with the brand of “Powerbaby” , exported its products to many countries and regions, and set up sales and service network.
We continue to adhere to technological innovation, new ideas, new elements and international advanced concepts into product research and development and production, to ensure that with the times, at a higher level to achieve user satisfaction and commitment.
On the basis of the steady development of general purpose mobile lighting products, after years of efforts, during the period of the country’s important war, we have developed a large-scale new product group, such as anti-glare Bulb Lighting Car, railway special lighting car, folding lighting car, electric walking lighting car, special military lighting car, solar LED construction safety indicator, etc. . Every new product comes out, all gather the idea and wisdom that we cooperate with the user to serve the society. The power range of lighting vehicle is from 400W to 6KW, which can meet the needs of users in different occasions. We strive to provide economic, reliable and practical mobile lighting equipment for users all over the world.
Powerbaby company will continue to make efforts to bring more and better products to the whole society


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