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  The National Development and Reform Commission has banned the sale and use of more than 1,000 watt incandescent bulbs since Oct. 1,2012
  Powerbaby series lighting vehicles have played an irreplaceable role in 5.12 Wave earthquake, 7.21 flood in Beijing, flood in Thailand, tsunami in the Philippines and disaster relief at home and abroad.
  Tianjin Powerbaby in major domestic and international disasters in many donations of night rescue lighting car, a total value of one million.
  Tianjin Powerbaby series lighting cars have the advantages of stable performance, high brightness, small volume, light weight, easy storage and mobility
  Tianjin Powerbaby lighting car adopts manual mechanical lifting pole structure, its performance is far superior to pneumatic, electric, hydraulic lifting pole
Construction Lighting
Used in earthwork construction, urban pipeline construction, road paving, road maintenance, road rescue.
Mobile lighting
Used in sports events, film and television shooting, airport backup, railway power.

Mine Lighting
Used in open-pit Mine Lighting, Mine Road lighting, distribution, storage and transportation, mining camp.

Emergency Lighting
Used in Emergency Rescue, civil affairs, Armed Police Fire, earthquake relief, Flood Preparedness, War Preparedness Lighting. Applied to Combat Readiness Emergency, Arms Rescue, Field Training, Camp Distribution.

Security Alert
Used in traffic, electric power, water pipe gas, telecommunication construction.


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